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Each team roster must have a minimum of 14 players.

There is no maximum number of players for each team roster.

Teams with rosters over 17 players will be charged an additional fee of $340 per player. 

No more than nine position players may play in the field.

Teams can bat the entire roster with multiple Designated Hitters.

Lineup cards must be turned in to the official scorekeeper 30 minutes prior to the start of each game.


Wood and wood composite bats are the only type of bat permitted in the event. (metal, aluminum or metal composite bats are not permitted)

All players must wear a batting helmet when at bat.

Teams are required to have matching uniforms or similarly-branded uniforms.

All players must wear a hat when in the field. 

Each player must have a number on their jersey.  

Numbers must be ironed-on or sewn-on each jersey. Taped-on or drawn-on numbers are not permitted.

Duplicate numbers on the same team are permitted.

Metal cleats on the Urban Youth Academy fields are not permitted. Players found to be wearing metal cleats on this field will be immediately removed from the game. Rubber or plastic cleats are permitted on the Urban Youth Academy fields. 

Metal, rubber and plastic cleats are permitted on the natural grass surfaces at Satchel Paige Memorial Stadium and Legends Field.


Players may substitute in and out as they wish.

Pitchers can return in the same game after being pulled.

Line sharing in the batting order is permitted, but must be noted on the submitted lineup card.

Courtesy runners may be given for a batter/runner after the said batter safely reaches base.

The courtesy runner must be the last batted out.


Each game will be 7 innings..

No new inning shall start after 2 hours and 5 minutes if the home team is ahead by 8 runs or more.

In the case of a tie, the last-batted runner will be placed at 2nd Base. There will be only 1 extra inning. If neither team scores, the game will result in a tie.

A maximum of 7 runs per inning will be permitted in innings 1-7, there is no limit on runs per inning in extra innings.


Bunting is permitted.

Stealing is permitted.

Advancing on a passed ball or wild pitch is permitted.

Base runners can be picked off by the pitcher and catcher.

The infield fly rule will be used at the discretion of the umpires.

A batter/runner may be thrown out from the outfield to 1st Base.

All players and coaches must be inside the dugout if not batting, in the on-deck circle, in a bullpen, playing in the field or coaching a base.

For a complete rules list, please contact Tournament Director, Stann Tate (

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